Terms and Conditions


Agreement on the right to access and use information, Images, Videos from the QYou Gallery website.

Which all content or information, images and videos on this website It is part of Q You Success Company Limited to promote sales. Advertising and Public Relations to businessmen who are members of ” QYou Success “

Who can request the use of information, pictures, videos on the QYou Gallery website?

  • Distribution Center [QYOU DEALER]
  • Distribution Center [QYOU CENTER]
  • Members or Q You businessmen both domestically and internationally.
  • Official product dealer both locally and internationally.

Terms of use for information, pictures and/or videos of Q You Success Co., Ltd. through the QYou Gallery website.

  • You may request all content, images, videos displayed on this website from the original files. According to the data access rights in section 1 (who can request use)
  • When you use the source files for the purposes you have stated before. Do not modify the content, images, videos unless authorized in writing by the company
    or the administrator of the QYou Gallery website.
  • When you use the source files for the purposes you have stated before. You need to cite the source of your content, images, videos every time you use them.
  • All these terms are considered “agreement/Conditions” which we assume you agree to abide by When you use the content, images, videos from this website.
  • All these terms It is for understanding and use only. does not count as a legal document It is recommended that you check your access rights/agreements. (before use)
  • Recommend you to read more details. Regarding rights and access to website information on the privacy policy page of this website. By clicking here >> Privacy Policy

How do I request information, images and/or video?

  • Select the code (ID) of the picture and/or video you want.
  • Select the desired document page information (only title)
  • Submit your request for use via the email inbox on the menu “Business Development” (shown at the footer or bottom of the website from your screen)
  • Fill in the information to submit a request / submit a request (name-surname, member code, code (ID) of the desired image, document page, your email address).
  • Wait for the desired photos, documents and/or videos within 1-2 days (the company’s business hours) after the business development department receives the matter.

Sharing of informational content, articles, images and/or videos from the QYou Gallery website to social media.

  • You can share articles, images, videos from QYou Gallery website to social media as you like. by pressing the share button (Shown at the bottom of the image/article)
  • Content of articles, images, videos from QYou Gallery website after sharing to social media. may change at any time, however, changes made by the original of file
    by the administrator of the QYou Gallery website.
  • Reserve the right to change/edit the content of articles, images, videos on this website without prior notice.

All information, pictures, videos on this website Collected to support marketing, sales, advertising and public relations.

If you have questions or need help with images or videos on this site. Please contact Business Development Tel: 02 103 4657 or send us a message by clicking here >> Contact Us