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Our website address is By using the website name “QYou Gallery” which is a website to promote news and events. including various products, sales promotions. Therefore, we would like to inform you that The website will collect information about your visit to the website. Including the storage of personal information that is necessary When you communicate with us via email on this website.

* We recommend that you read and review the privacy policy of this website. to understand the storage and use of your personal information.

Purpose and Consent for Data Collection and use of your personal information:

  1. We will use your personal information only as necessary. To use for communication, to assess your satisfaction with visiting our services. and the presentation of our news on this website The storage of this personal data is for lawful purposes. This is with your permission and consent. To use personal information on the website “QYou Gallery” in order to provide users, visitors or those interested in product information from Q You Success Co., Ltd. to get the most benefit. from receiving information through this website.
  2. If you access the “QYou Gallery” website information by using any of the tools. To browse news, products, products, events or promotions. Contacting questions, commenting, and etc., You are deemed to have allowed and agreed to give your consent to the website.“QYou Gallery” accessing and using your personal information. In the name-surname, address, email address, telephone number as described in subsections 3 and 4
  3. The website accessor allows and agrees to give consent. Use your personal information To assess the satisfaction of our products and services and use it as a database to consider the quality and service. including creating good quality products meet the needs of future occasions.
  4. The website accessor allows and agrees to give consent. Use your personal information for the purpose of detecting or preventing scammers from misusing the website. This is a danger to the security of your personal information. and of the website. Including the investigation of rights violations in accordance with the terms of Website Privacy Policy that could happen.

    Disclosure to third parties :

    1. The website “QYou Gallery” will use your personal information only as necessary. It will not use your personal information to do any actions. cause damage to you or for the benefit of anyone Including dissemination and distribution to individuals, organizations, agencies, companies and shops. without permission unless it is disclosed in accordance with the consent agreement that you disclose your personal data as described in subsections 2 and 3
    2. Website visitors: Allow and agree to give consent to the website “QYou Gallery” to disclose information. Name and Surname, address, and telephone number to freight forwarding companies. for the delivery of products, gifts, gifts, important documents. sent directly to you as the case may be.
    3. Website visitors: Allow and agree to give consent to the website “QYou Gallery” to disclose information. When there is an order pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Code and/or a letter requesting cooperation from the government, a court order or from an investigating officer. (upon request)

    Use of cookies to data storage and retention of personal information:

    1. “Cookies” (Cookies) are small group of files. It is generated from the web server. To store access information to the website on the web browser. To allow the web server to remember the usage state of the web browser towards the web server. This is sent back to the web server each time the web browser requests information, such as remembering the user’s account name, the last time the user accessed the website. This allows the website to be able to recognize the user. which makes it easier to access the website next time.
    2. “Cookies” that we collect as information It will be used to pass the security policy to the browser. Make opening this website more secure. when you visit the website We will set a temporary cookie to verify that the browser you are using. whether to accept cookies or not This cookie does not contain personal information. and will be canceled when you close your browser.
    3. When you log in to the “QYou Gallery” website, we will set several cookies to save your login information. If you choose “remember me” Your or the user’s login will last for 1 month (from the date of registration/login) if logged out of the account. Login cookies will be removed and the “QYou Gallery” website will display a warning message to save the “cookies” before the next access to the website data.
    4. When you leave a comment through the comment box on the “QYou Gallery” website, you need to log in. for ease of access next time. without having to fill in the details again To comment. These cookies are valid for one year.
    5. When you leave a comment through the comment box on the “QYou Gallery” website, we collect the information displayed in the comment form including your IP address. and a browser user agent string to help detect spam. Therefore, your comments may be reviewed through automated spam detection services. which an anonymous string generated from your email address A hash (also known as a hash) may be given to the Gravatar service to determine if you are using it. The privacy policy of the Gravatar service is available here >> after your feedback has been approved. Your profile picture will be publicly displayed in the context of your comment.
    6. If you register as a member to receive news about products, promotions, or activities from Q You Success Co., Ltd. through the website “QYou Gallery”, your personal information will be stored in the membership account. Where you can unsubscribe from the news anytime you want.
    7. You always have the right to your personal data. where you can obtain a history of your visit to the“QYou Gallery” website, and you can also request that we delete your personal information from the “QYou Gallery” database that we have about you. except for the information we need to keep for legal security.
    8. When personal data is removed from the database of “QYou Gallery” upon request, the information in the “QYou Gallery” will be deleted. name-surname, address, email address, phone number, but the history of sending e-mail messages And comments on the website will continue to be retained for a period of 1 year from the date of deletion.

    Website link and Disclaimer:

    1. We would like to inform you that the website “QYou Gallery” (website address is ) has been linked to the website information “qyousuccess “ (with the website address is ), which is the main website of Q You Success Company Limited. This is for the convenience of storing information and presenting information in various fields. from the company.
    2. In the event that the website “QYou Gallery” has a link to an external website means a link between the website “QYou Gallery” and a website other than the official website of Q You Success Company Limited. The linked website pages are not under the control of the website “QYou Gallery” and therefore accept no liability. against the accuracy of the information, quality or content in the presentation of the linked websites. Therefore, it is your right to consider receiving information, news and services. displayed on the linked website. and is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the service user or damage caused by a third party However,
      whether it arises from the link of the website or not.
    3. Your personal information used with the service provider website from the link of the “QYou Gallery” website. We assume that you have agreed to consent to your personal information on the linked website. which is not caused by dissemination or distribution from the “QYou Gallery” website in any way.
    4. Various picture colors or product image displayed on the website “QYou Gallery” may be slightly distorted from reality. Although the picture presented is a picture taken from the actual product. and adjust the photos to be as close to the real product as possible (Some of which are images due to intentional manipulation), but because the the display screen of the visitors website “QYou Gallery” Website has different settings. including the features and capabilities
      of each device Therefore, it depends on the consideration and understanding of the visitors of the website. Therefore, any distortion is a factor beyond our control. or the website “QYou Gallery” therefore cannot be held responsible for per the display of the color from the image according to the word reference.

    All rights reserved and Updates to the privacy policy :

    1. The website “QYou Gallery” reserves the rights in any information, images, symbols or marks. appearing on the website “QYou Gallery” and do not grant or grant any right to use for any commercial purpose. (Unless authorized by the website administrator only) It is recommended to read the terms and conditions for use of
      information, images, videos on the website “QYou Gallery” if you wish to use them. By clicking here to read more >> Terms and Conditions
    2. Revision or any additional In the content of this website’s privacy policy, “QYou Gallery” Reserves the right to change without prior notice. and recommend that you check Privacy Policy of this website every time you visit and use the service which any change of this Privacy Policy assumed that the user of the website giving consent and agreeing to comply with the changes made This is part of the terms and conditions of use of the website or the “Agreement
    3. If you have any questions Regarding this privacy policy, we, Q You Success Co., Ltd. (by Business Development Department), on behalf of the administrator of the website “QYou Gallery”, are very pleased to listen. and answer all questions You can send us a message at the contact channel. Which is displayed at the footer of the homepage on the website. (or the menu below the website)

    Governing Law Clauses:

    This Privacy Policy This constitutes the terms and conditions of use of the website “QYou Gallery” which is governed by the laws and jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Thailand.


    1. The term “You, Website access” means a visitor to the website “QYou Gallery” (both signed and not signed in to the service)
    2. The term ”we, our, or the QYou Gallery website” means the administrator or website, The service provider of information in various fields under Q You Success Company Limited.
    3. The term “Q You Success Company Limited” means the name of the legal entity who holds the right and is the owner of the website“QYou Gallery” on the website address.

    * We encourage you to read additional terms and conditions. Regarding access to information on this website,at the page >> Terms and Conditions